Customs brokerage services

Goods transported across the border are subject to customs control.
The movement of goods shall be subject to the regulatory requirements. The main rule of customs clearance is the provision of correct and reliable information about the goods.  If this condition is not observed, the goods can be detained, and the recipient may be subjected to administrative liability.
Brokers of the company "Prolog Ukraine" have a vast experience in customs clearance of all codes according to the UCC FEA.
To find the code, to advise the client on the specifics of the workflow and implement quality customs clearance is a distinctive feature of the team of brokers of the company "Prolog Ukraine".
Geographically, the customs department of the company "Prolog Ukraine" is located in the airport "Borispol". However, the availability of all necessary resources allows our brokers to carry out customs clearance at all CCD  (customs clearance Department) of Ukraine.


  • Customs clearance:
  • Customs at the airport "Borispol"
  • All CCD ( cargo customs declaration) in the Kiev regional customs
  • Customs at the port of Odessa
  • Customs clearance for temporary import / export
  • Customs clearance of ATA Carnets
  • Classification of tariffs and recommendation when choosing HTS-Code
  • Obtaining permissive documentation in the certification and licensing bodies in accordance with different customs regimes
  • Consulting support
  • A highly qualified and experienced team of brokers
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